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multi-panel-signsMulti-panel DOT signs, also known as Permanent Highway Signs, consist of multiple pieces of flat sheet .125 aluminum panel connected by horizontal z-bars. The flat aluminum panels are placed side by side to form the width and height required with horizontal z-bars attached to the back of the aluminum panels to hold the entire sign together. The front of the panels can be sheeted with a variety of reflective sheeting materials.

stop-signsRegulatory signs are used to instruct drivers on what they should or should not do.It must be used to inform road users of selected traffic laws or regulations. All regulatory signs are made in the USA by Signing America Corporation and designed to meet MUTCD and DOT specifications

road-work-signsConstruction signs are identified by a bold orange color with black text or black pictures. Construction signs are commonly found around the area of work zones on state or federal highways. All construction signs are made to meet MUTCD and DOT specifications.

high-way-signsGuide signs are essential to direct road users along streets and highways, to inform them of intersecting routes,
to direct them to cities, towns, villages, or other important destinations, to identify nearby rivers and streams,
parks, forests, and historical sites, and generally to give such information as will help them along their way in the
most simple, direct manner possible.

school-signsSchool warning signs are made with fluorescent yellow-green background, and black legend and border. All school warning signs are madeto meet MUTCD and DOT specifications.

warning-signsWarning signs call attention to unexpected conditions on or adjacent to a highway or street and to situations
that might not be readily apparent to road users. Warning signs alert road users to conditions that might call for a
reduction of speed or an action in the interest of safety and efficient traffic operations.

street-signsStreet Name signs are considered guide signs and must be made with retroreflective material so that shape and color are visible to the road user both day and night. Letter height should be 6″ for multi-lane streets and 4″ (standard) for local street.

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